XMS1000 Flash Head

Freeze and capture motion with professional precision

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From subtle gestures to expressive movements, the XMS1000 flash head will help you capture motion with 1000 Ws of power.

Speed is of the essence when delving into the world of high-speed photography. With fast flash and rapid recycle speeds as well as high-speed sync capability, you can freeze motion and capture the perfect moment. The accuracy of the flash power and colour temperature is handled with professional precision so that you can focus on making your imagination a reality.

The expertly designed XMS1000 features a quick-lock adjustment latch for easy repositioning and fine-tuning of the lights. Crucial information is presented via the LCD housed at the rear of the flash head – so that you are in full control.

  • Power: 1000Ws
  • Power Range (f-stops): 9-stops
  • Power Range (Ws): 2 – 1000
  • Power Adjustments: 1/10-stop
  • Flash Modes: Manual, MTL, TTL
  • Flash Duration (shortest): 1/20832s
  • Recycle Time: 1 sec (to full / 1000Ws)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 432 x 174.5 x 142mm
  • Weight: 3.67Kg

As a company of photographers, we understand how important it is to be able to rely on your gear.

To ensure you can be confident in your purchase, we offer a three year warranty on all flash heads.


Download the XMS1000 Manual

Instruction Manual