XMTR Trigger

Dependable radio control and trigger system

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This dependable trigger system doubles as a TTL and high-speed sync radio control unit. Its' lightweight body houses a collection of creative lighting features including multiple modes. Notably, Through the Lens (TTL) mode is the standard for capturing fast-moving subjects; whereas, the Manual Flash mode is preferred for still subjects.

The thought-out design presents you with a tool to generate inspired light set-ups with. Its' built-in LCD shows important information such as flash power and flash mode status. Furthermore, the display is backlit with a green tint for high visibility when working in low-lit conditions. The screen dims down so that the bright light from the LCD does not hinder your carefully arranged light set-up.

  • Compatability: Canon (BW5195C), Sony (BW5195B), Nikon (BW5195N)
  • Power: 2x AA Batteries (included)
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • 32 channels, 5 goups
  • Max control range >100m (outside)
  • Flash modes: Strobe (up to 100 flashes per burst), Group, Manual, TTL

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To ensure you can be confident in your purchase, we offer a two year warranty on all flash head accessories.